AVI 110° Anti-drift nozzle


  • All types of treatments (systemic and contact products) including liquid fertilizers.
  • Designed to be used over a wide range of pressures (from 3 to 5 bar).

Albuz AVI110


Main characteristics
  • Pink ALBUZ® ceramic orifice (excellent precision and high wear resistance).
  • Flat fan pattern angle 110°.
  • Wide angle flat spray: overlap required to ensure uniform distribution on the ground.
  • Designed for all types of nozzle holders, using the same cap as
  • ALBUZ® APE nozzles.
  • Air induction spray nozzle (venturi system): sprays large drops filled with air bubbles, which do not drift
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    and which burst into fine droplets on contact with the plant.



  • Almost totally eliminate drift, while increasing the number of impacts (excellent coverage of the treated zone).
  • Anti-clogging design and double air-intake orifice.
  • Compact design (28 mm lenght) adapted to all booms and nozzle holders.
  • Minimum height boom recommended: 50/60 cm.
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  • Recommended pressure: 3 bar.

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